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Tana - National Park Of Andasibe - Morondava - Kirindy Forest - Tsingy Of Bemaraha - Tulear - Ifaty - The Reserve Of Zombitse Vohibasia - Isalo National Park - Anja Park - Ranomafana National Park - Ambositra Handcraft - Antsirabe - Antananarivo - Ankarafantsika


Welcome at the international airport of Ivato Tananarive, and then transfer to your hotel. Overnight at the hotel.


We meet at the hotel in the morning then drive to RN2 to head Andasibe (Périnet).Andasibe Mantadia National Park is only 3 hours drive from Antananarivo on a tarmac road, making it the most accessible of Madagascar rainforest parks. This rainforest situated east of Tananarive is the home of the big lemurs in the worlds (indri indri).It´s possible to visit Mandraka reserve in an hour .Formerly known as Mandraka reptile farm , chameleons , lemurs, park of butterflies... ,one Madagascar prominent naturalists, also named Pereyras.
Overnight at the Hotel.


After breakfast, drive to Mantadia park to look for many species of bird. It identical but both are distance to visit. This area is an 100 species of birds including red-necked Nightjar, velvety philepitta, Grey-headed Bulbul, vanga, 50 species of reptiles, home of amphibians we could see many various of fauna and flora then you can find also such as Madagascar paradise fly catcher, red foudia, sooty Falcon, toulou coucal, Madagascar wagtail and white eye, coua... and then you can watch species of lemurs, the colourful of frogs, various chameleons and next you can explore visit the island of lemur´s private reserve of Vakona forest Lodge with canoe and croc farm.
Overnight at the hotel.


Next day early in the morning, go to the park to find some species of birds. The highlight of the park is its population of habituated indri, the largest lemur who eerie call can be heard from kilometers away, ten other lemur species live there too, dozens of orchid species. Admire a species of birds in Analamazaotra Park such as Blue coua, Scaly ground roller, Madagascar flufftail, woodrail, variety of vanga and you see more. Then in the afternoon, drive back to Antananarivo.
Overnight at the hotel.


After breakfast, transfer again to Airport International Ivato then flight to Morondava Town. Arrive in Morondava then 4x4 pick you up in Airport Morondava then drive to Morondava town and visit after continue to Kirindy forest in passing avenue of baobab.
Overnight at the Hotel kirindy.


Early in the morning, go to the forest and kirindy has the greatest density of primates in the world. It is also the best western-reserves for seeing Madagascar´s endemic dry forest species.

Dominated by majestic baobab trees (Andasonia grandidieri), the forest is home to the world´s smallest known primate as well as dozens of amphibian and reptile species.

The kirindy boats more than 60 species of birds, possible endemic sighting include: white headed vanga, chabert´s vanga, cuckoo Roller, Grey-headed Lovebird, Madagascar Nightjar, and Banded Kestrel.

Along with a stunning variety of unique flora the Kirindy forest is home to 8 lemur species, a variety of Tenrecs species, the narrow-stripped mongoose, giant jumping rat and fossa.
Overnight at the same bungalow.


Start after breakfast, and then follow up the road to Tsingy by 4x4. Among the 140 species of birds, 8 reptile species, and six species of lemurs. Tsingy of Bemaraha is one of Madagascar´s newest parks... it was opened to the public only in 1998. The 152 ha, sharp limestone pinnacles that may reach 150 feet in height cut through the Tsingy are canyons and gorges full of rich fauna and flora. More than 140birds species, including the critically endangered Madagascar fish eagle and creasted ibis, Madagascar wood-rail, giant coua, coquerel´s coua... The WORLD HERITAGE site by the UNESCO in 1990 is divided into two parts: Integrate nature reserve and National Park. The limestone seabed to created a plateau around 200 million years ago, which was little by little eroded by heavy rainfalls until it became it´s a shark shape. Visitors can spot species lemurs including for Decken´s Sifaka, red-fronted brown lemur, fat-tailed dwarf lemurs, grey mouse lemur or the cleese´s wooly lemur.
Overnight at the hotel.

Day 10: TSINGY - MORONDAVA (200km piste)

Drive back to Morondava after breakfast and stop for lunch at Belo sur Tsiribihina then continue the road to Morondava with visit baobab sacret, lover baobab and avenue of baobab then Morondava.
Overnight at the hotel.

Day 11 - 12: MORONDAVA - TULEAR - IFATY (by flight)

Transfer from the hotel to Airport Morondava and then fly to Tuléar and transfer to Ifaty. Depart early morning for walking to looking for species of bird in thorn tree forest and desert land with dry forest.

The area attractions to watch weevil Monias, Vanga lafresnaye, Brachipterolle long tail, Falcilie and wooded, Newton, Subsert mesite, sickle vanga.

Ifaty is one of the places who want to devote the major part of your time in the south of Island. Most of the tourists who prefer to cross it from north to south or west to East. Ifaty is the ideal place to rest; this region is very appreciated by all of the tourists who already took their chance to visit Madagascar. It´s up about 25km north of Tuléar. So, you can enjoy the limits of the waves and offers an ideal place perfect for various nautical activities. In Ifaty, you can enjoy dugout canoes with veils hoisted and carried by the wind, you have also a choice between rides in dugout canoes, snorkeling or diving in the reef or relaxing on the beach. It´s offering an immense pleasure from underwater exploration, and then enjoys relaxing, diving and swimming in full day with sunny.
Overnight at hotel.


Leave after breakfast then drive up to Ranohira Isalo National park (81,540ha). Along the way you pass several tombs of Mahafaly with multicolored tombs provide with beautiful scenery, and then visit Zombitse Park. This park Zombitse is home of 47% of endemic birds of Madagascar and eight species of lemurs, some are almost like the phanera furcifer pallescens.After visit continue to Isalo massif ruiniform sandstone.
Overnight at the hotel.


We explore dramatic area, if somewhat desolate, landscape formed by the Isalo massif´s sandstone, canyons. We explore fauna and flora then looking for a species of birds, beautiful natural swimming pool-cascade and then watch lemurs.
Overnight at the same hotel.


Leave after breakfast and then drive up to Ranomafana, along the there are many things to see, beautiful scenery with terrace of rice field .Before coming to Fianarantsoa, stop Anja Park to watch lemurs, some birds and then through the way to Fianarantsoa , then continue till Ranomafana National Park.
Overnight at the hotel.


Ranomafana National Park is located in the southeastern part of Madagascar and was established in 1991 with the purpose of conserving the unique biodiversity of the local ecosystem and reducing the human pressures on the protected area. Early in the morning, drive to the forest and look for a species of birds including to see Tylas vanga,Hook-billed vanga,Pollen´s vanga,Madagascar spine-tailed,Hamerkop Hammerhead, Forest Rock, common newtonia,Brush-warbler,Sunbird-Asity,Red-fronted coua.,Madagascar cisticola‚ĶIt consists of large densely forested hills. The main attraction here is to spot animals and plants you won´t find anywhere else in the world. Wildlife includes many species of Lemurs (semi-monkeys). Plants, flowers and trees species are numerous and there are hardwoods, tree ferns, palms, mosses and colorful orchids. Over 114 bird species have been recorded as well, 60 of which exist only in Madagascar, 12 species of lemurs, 90 species of butterfly, 98 species of amphibians, 61 species of reptiles. The crystal clear water streams plunge into the rushing Namorona River which forms the heart of the park.
Overnight in the same hotel.


After discovering rain forest, drive up to Antsirabe beautiful town and capital of pousse pousse (rickshaw), thermal and many activity to visit. Before arriving to Antsirabe stop Ambositra capital of artisanal and woodcarvings then continue to Antsirabe.
Overnight at the hotel le Retrait (midrange comfort) or villa camellia (top).


After breakfast, visit around Antsirabe in the morning then afternoon drive to Tananarive and then night at the Hotel Chalet de Rose (midrange comfort)

Day 20 - 21 - 22: ANTANANARIVO - ANKARAFANTSIKA (450km)

We leave in the morning and then drive to Ankarafantsika. Ankarafantsika is located in the Northwest part of island, is a mosaic of dense and dry forests. Ankarafantsika is known for its lakes, the last refuge of leading species. It is also a haven of lemurs and endemic birds and 115 from Majunga. The national road N°4 crosses the park, located in the region of Boina.Ankarafantsika spreads on 135 ha.

Ankarafantsika is a den of birds and lemurs, eight species of lemurs, five typically nocturnal species of which the famous Microcebus, the smallest primate in the world.129 species of birds nest in the forest of Ankarafantsika including Mesita varied coua, Coquerel Philepitta of Schegel and Vanga van Dam, 75 among them are endemic .It is also home of local endemic reptile species, 10 amphibian and 44 reptiles species and home of chameleon.
Overnight at the Bungalow.


Drive to Tananarive after breakfast and then transfer to the hotel.


- Car with a driver including fuel during the trip
- Entrance fees in the parks and local guide
- Reservation tickets flight from Tananarive via Morondava and Morondava via Tuléar
- Domestic flight from Tananarive via Morondava
- Domestic flight from Morondava via Tuléar
- Tour guide during the trip
- Ferry boat transfer across Tsiribihina river and Manambolo river (2 go and 2 back)
- Night in the hotel
- Transfer in airport
- Tourist and taxes in the hotel
- Nocturnal visit


- Food and drinks
- Insurance and visa
- Personal expenses and tips
- International flights

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