For 16 Days special tour

Antananarivo - Morondava (fly) - Tsingy of Bemaraha - Kirindy Forest - Morondava fly to Tuléar - Ifaty(beach) - Isalo - Fianarantsoa - Ranomafana(national park) - Antsirabe - Antananarivo

Day 1: Welcome at the international airport of Ivato Tananarive, then transfer to your hotel.

Day 2: Transfer to Airport Ivato then fly to Morondava

Morondava is a laid back seaside town with sandy streets and gently decaying clapboard house. Many visitors come here and another one way to get Tsingy if you don´t do adventure river trip of Tsiribihina and baobab. The giant trees cover the land in the way to Tsingy, some a thousand years old. Tranquil mangrove swamps, which can be explored by pirogue, are found on Morondava southern edge. There is a good place to watch birds in Kirindy Forest.
Overnight in the hotel

Day 3 - 4 - 5: Morondava - Belo sur Tsiribihina - Tsingy of Bemaraha - Kirindy forest - Alley of Baobab - Morondava

After breakfast , drive to Tsingy following the way of street of baobab then cross a Tsiribihina river by ferry boat with 4WD and then arrive in Belo sur Tsiribihina town and lunchtime. After lunch drives again a 100km to Tsingy. Along the way, you will pass many small villages and come to Bekopaka Tsingy after discovering the way.
Overnight in the hotel.
Then next morning, after breakfast preparing for explore nature and meet the local guide, then drive to big Tsingy situated 15km north of Bekopaka. Four hours visit, picnic lunch close to the park. Then drive back again to visit the small Tsingy. It is eroded limestone...
Overnight in the hotel.
After an early breakfast, we head back to Morondava by 4WD. Stop at Belo for lunch then stop again in Forest of kirindy to explore fauna and flora then visit nocturnal.
Overnight in the hotel.

Day 6: Kirindy Park

Early in the morning, visit half day in the park to exploring different kinds of lemurs, many species of birds and fossa (Carnivore and predator of lemur. Kirindy is about 50km northeast of town of Morondava, is a privately managed forest by a Swiss company. This reserve is dry deciduous forest, dominated by majestic baobab trees and forest canopy of even 4m altitude. There are giant jumping rat and best place to observe fossas .Also the home to seven species of lemurs that watching most common brown lemurs, verreaux´s sifaka.and best place to visit nocturnal like: coquerel giant mouse lemur, pygmy mouse - lemur, fork - crowned lemur and grey mouse lemur, western fat-tailed dwarf lemur and red tailed and best place for watching birds and then in the afternoon drive to Morondava in passing baobab sacred, baobab lover and alley of baobab in sunset then drive to Morondava.
Overnight in Morondava.

Day 7: Transfer at the airport of Morondava for another destination to Tuléar then drive back to Tananarive step by step as required on route. Arrive in Tuléar then transfer by 4x4 to Ifaty, the paradise of the beach.
Overnight in the hotel.

Day 8.: Beach

Ifaty is one of the places who want to devote the major part of your time in the south of Island. Most of the tourists who prefer to cross it from north to south or west to East. Ifaty is the ideal place to rest; this region is very appreciated by all of the tourists who already took their chance to visit Madagascar. It´s up about 25km north of Tuléar. So, you can enjoy the limits of the waves and offers an ideal place perfect for various nautical activities. In FIfaty, you can enjoy dugout canoes with veils hoisted and carried by the wind, you have also a choice between rides in dugout canoes, snorkeling or diving in the reef or relaxing on the beach. It´s offering an immense pleasure from underwater exploration. So if you have a time to tasting the dive in the silky sea of lagoon. Ifaty beach then enjoy relaxing, diving and swimming in full day with sunny.
Overnight in the same hotel.

Day 9 - 10: Ifaty - Tuléar - Isalo (270km)

After relaxing beach, drive back to Isalo national park then on route following the national road 7. Along the way, pass several things like baobab and multicolored Mahafaly tombs provide with beautiful scenery along the way.
Overnight in the hotel.
Next morning, drive again to head the national park of Isalo to explore landscape formed by the Isalo massif´s sandstone. Then, visit to the natural swimming - pool, blue cascade, lemurs...
Overnight at the same hotel.

Day 11: Isalo - Fianarantsoa - Ranomafana national park

After breakfast drive to head Fianarantsoa a capital of Betsileo tribe. Then along the road, pass several beautiful landscapes and then throughout a village of Ihosy. The laidback town of Ihosy is the regional capital of Bara people and is located at about 800m above sea level. The Bar is still attached to the traditional polygamy social structure, which tends to grant higher value to cattle than to women. Then stop Anja Park to explore ring-tailed lemurs close Ambalavao a famous of fabrication Antemoro traditional paper with decoration of flower and then continue again till Ranomafana national park.
Overnight in the hotel.

Day 12: Ranomafana (national park)

This national park is one of Madagascar´s rain forests to explore fauna and flora .Besides all the beautiful lemurs and other wildlife. This park is one of the best to visit nocturne with local guide and visit about half day in the forest.
Overnight in the same hotel.

Day 13: Ranomafana - Ambositra - Antsirabe

After visit rain forest, we will return in the highland to Ambositra, capital of the artisanal and woodcurving. Visit some workshops and the best place to buy souvenir then continuous till Antsirabe town of rickshaw ( pousse pousse ), beautiful town and many market including artisanal, precious stone , miniature and zebu corn work shope and thermal town and factory of beer.
Overnight in the hotel

Day 14 - 15: Antsirabe - Tananarive - Andasibe

Leave after breakfast, and then drive to head Tananarive in passing Ambatolampy capital of aluminum and then stop for lunch in Tananarive. After lunch drive again to head the Andasibe perinet national park. Arrive late in Andasibe then overnight in the hotel.
andasibeNext morning, visit the park of perinet. This rainforest situated east of Tananarive is the home of the big lemurs in the worlds (indri indri).It´s possible to visit Mandraka reserve in 2 hours .Formerly known as Mandraka reptile farm , chameleons , lemurs, park of butterflies... ,one Madagascar prominent naturalists, also named Pereyras. Four hours visit in the park in the morning, then in the afternoon visit the island of lemur´s private reserve of Vakona forest Lodge with canoe and croc farm.
Overnight in the same hotel.

Day 16: Andasibe - Tananarive

After exploring the rain forest, drive back to Tananarive by passing Mandraka reserve then drive up to the capital.
Overnight in the hotel.
Next day, transfer to Airport then fly to Europe or another destination.


- Car with a driver including fuel during the trip
- Entrance fees in the parks and local guide
- Full board during the Pangalan channel (camping)
- Tour guide during the trip
- Wooden boat start in Mananjary to Mahanoro village
- Special boat transfer from Manambato to Palmarium and Palmarium to Tamatave
- Night in the hotel
- Train ticket to Manakara
- Transfer in airport
- Tourist and taxes in the hotel
- Nocturnal visit


- Food and drinks
- Insurance and visa
- Personal expenses and tips
- International flights

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