South of Madagascar

The South, a destination which amply deserved your curiosity. Three choice of itineraries are offered to you, relatively attractive one than the other. National parks, natural reserves and verdant landscapes characterize the southern part of Madagascar. You will also meet the dissimilarity of the modes of life of the tribes scattered in this area. The mixture of cultures and the natural strengths, always perennial, constitute a veritable fortune for the south of Madagascar, without talking about the climate and temperature which also play a major role in the design of these genuine wealth and proven. A great opportunity you tend arms to be against these mythical curiosities atypical and the South. Need more details ? Do a small tour to the south of Madagascar.

First round: Tuléar, Andringitra and Manakara

This first itinerary is done in 12 days maximum. If you opt for this journey, you get a ride by train when you reach Manakara. Before arriving on this place, you first start the course to Ifaty, in the province of Tuléar. Ifaty or the paradise of beaches is particularized by its lagoon and its reef corail exceptional. After Ifaty, you join Isalo with its natural pools, its waterfalls and lemurs. Another park awaits you after Isalo, it´s the natural reserve of Andringitra formed by two large peaks and granitic formings, without speaking of the fauna and the Flora abundant. The Andringitra, you regain Fianarantsoa in passing by Ambalavao, then of Fianarantsoa to Manakara by train. On Manakara, you enjoy a stunning view across the region adorned parses flora wealth and its luxury landscape. The National Park of Ranomafana opens its doors to you after the trip in Manakara by train. This park also offers different discoveries including the diversity of vegetation and animal species living in the park. Ambositra or the capital of the Crafts welcomes you after Ranomafana, before access to Antsirabe, the capital of the Beer and of thermal waters, then the capital Antananarivo to finish the journey.

Second round: cap toward the East

This second option allows you to discover the East in all its beauty in 14 days. This time, you begin the journey to Antananarivo to achieve in Andasibe, famous for its national park full of crocodiles, lemurs, butterflies and vegetation endemic. Then comes Antsirabe passing by Ambatolampy or the city of aluminum. After Antsirabe, you deserve a two-day stopover in Ranomafana before joining Manakara, then the land of the Betsileo tribe or Fianarantsoa. This course is done by train. You then continue by car to Ambalavao where you will admire the market of zebus, then to Isalo, The Grand Canyon of Malagasy. A few parks as Anja Park and Isalo Park enrich your itinerary. Your journey ends at Tuléar, precisely at Ifaty, place of rest and relaxation for sourse or for practice the various activities.

Third roundr: the classic East-South

The last option is done in 10 days. It focuses primarily on the discovery of the East toward the south. Antananarivo will be the point of departure before to go through the National park of Andasibe. After Andasibe, you go directly to Antsirabe and then Ambositra and finally to Ranomafana, where the thermal waters, the Great Waterfall, the primary forest and wildlife/endemic flora await you. Of Ranomafana, you continue the way toward Fianarantsoa and Ranohira, one National Park of Isalo. This last is a little more for the latter itinerary. Ranohira is another region full of sights as the manufacture of papers Antemoro, the spectacular formation of granites, the market of the caps become point of meetings of inhabitants, as well as the plates of Horombe. Before concluding your trip, you join Ifaty in Tuléar. You visit this great province and its mode of life to the "Tuléar", without forgetting the activities and the beautiful beaches of Ifaty. At the end, you regain the capital of Antananarivo by aircraft.


South east tour + Pangalan channel

Antananarivo - Antsirabe - Ranomafana national park - Fianarantsoa - Manakara by train - Mananjary - Mahanoro - Manambato via Palmarium reserve - Foulpoint - Périnet - Antananarivo

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Special tour + South tour Madagascar

Antananarivo - Morondava (fly) - Tsingy of Bemaraha - Kirindy Forest - Morondava fly to Tuléar - Ifaty(beach) - Isalo - Fianarantsoa - Ranomafana(national park) - Antsirabe - Antananarivo

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Birding tour

Tana - National Park Of Andasibe - Morondava - Kirindy Forest - Tsingy Of Bemaraha - Tulear - Ifaty - The Reserve Of Zombitse Vohibasia - Isalo National Park - Anja Park - Ranomafana National Park - Ambositra Handcraft - Antsirabe ...

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