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Topics: South West tour Madagascar

The South west of Madagascar, a rich area and relatively interesting. Of exceptional curiosities are located in this part of the island. To better observe and contemplate the wonders of the city, it is essential to begin the journey of the capital, accompanied by the best guide knowing all the details and the corners of this segment.Several initiatives are also offer to all the visitors of the Southwest. This can be a descent in dugout canoe, a visit by car or hiking to embed all at the bottom of the enclaves. Visit the South west is to discover a new world, both surprising and mysterious. This area conceals a few tourism interests which are worth the roundabout and which do not show their real face that once integrated inside. For example, the wealth of wildlife and plants located under the Tsingy of Bemaraha. There is also the ancestral legacies hidden in the mountains of Miandrivazo, which are only visible when a descent along the river of the Tsiribihina. If some wealth does not reveal themselves not, other is exhibit at the great day in the great pleasure of visiting tourists.
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Topics: South of Madagascar

The South, a destination which amply deserved your curiosity. Three choice of itineraries are offered to you, relatively attractive one than the other. National parks, natural reserves and verdant landscapes characterize the southern part of Madagascar. You will also meet the dissimilarity of the modes of life of the tribes scattered in this area. The mixture of cultures and the natural strengths, always perennial, constitute a veritable fortune for the south of Madagascar, without talking about the climate and temperature which also play a major role in the design of these genuine wealth and proven. A great opportunity you tend arms to be against these mythical curiosities atypical and the South. Need more details ? Do a small tour to the south of Madagascar.
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Topics: East Coast of Madagascar

Madagascar is a large island filled of curiosities and seduction. The culture, the population and each region reveal a secret interesting and intriguing. If you plan to know this secret that makes the beauty and spending of the island, it is preferable to join this little piece of paradise lost in the middle of the Indian Ocean. For well introduce you in the heart of the Malagasy nature, it must choose a starting point on which you discover progressively the great wealth and the natural wealth of the island. To begin the visit, start your journey toward the East. The Treasures from this part of the great island without talk of forests and biodiversity, sometimes easy to see, sometimes difficult to tame. To not miss anything, now make your choice among the three journeys proposed.
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South east tour + Pangalan channel

Antananarivo - Antsirabe - Ranomafana national park - Fianarantsoa - Manakara by train - Mananjary - Mahanoro - Manambato via Palmarium reserve - Foulpoint - Périnet - Antananarivo

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Special tour + South tour Madagascar

Antananarivo - Morondava (fly) - Tsingy of Bemaraha - Kirindy Forest - Morondava fly to Tuléar - Ifaty(beach) - Isalo - Fianarantsoa - Ranomafana(national park) - Antsirabe - Antananarivo

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Birding tour

Tana - National Park Of Andasibe - Morondava - Kirindy Forest - Tsingy Of Bemaraha - Tulear - Ifaty - The Reserve Of Zombitse Vohibasia - Isalo National Park - Anja Park - Ranomafana National Park - Ambositra Handcraft - Antsirabe ...

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